Who Am I & Who Is My Child?

C.J. Jung puts forward an argument that while human beings are aware of the fact they are not animals, plants or stones, they do not seem to know who they really are. To get to know themselves and to recognise themselves, human beings need many mirrors. And since they do not really know themselves, they do not know whether convect or concave mirrors are showing their true image. They are in constant need of being defined, whether in a positive or in a negative way. Human beings see only the dual nature of good and evil, hot and cold, youth and old age, birth and death in everything and everyone. But such polarity is fatal for human lives, since they are left unfulfilled with a longing to transcend this lack of fulfilment. (Kojc 2002, 7)


When we are searching for an answer to the question “WHO AM I”, only rational analysis will not suffice, since people are spiritual, energetic and physical beings. Human beings live and act at various levels at the same time, but this does not necessarily mean that they are aware of them, since individuals find themselves at different levels of evolution. The awareness of the existence levels depends on their individual level of awareness (Ogorevc 2011, 25).


Humanity is currently facing a turning point in its “existence”. The time has come for the Truth. The time, when only purity is streamlined, found in every intention, act, emotion, thought, and attitude towards oneself, fellow human being, life, animals, nature, and the Universe as a whole. When we can no longer hide behind masks, but we are able to act in line with our true Self, our Heart. The time of Love and Compassion is here. Everything else is falling apart. Falling apart inside and outside us. At all the temporal and spacial levels. Those who are willing to recognise this, create Light. Those who are not, remain in “eternal” Darkness… and wait for their next opportunity… in their next life.

Those who wish to learn the Truth, seek to know their true Selves, and are ready to accept themselves for who they are, regardless of the path that needs to be taken to get to their final destination. They are willing to find their own Purpose and examine themselves up to the level, where the most hidden contents of the human essence are to be found. At that point human beings are ready to face everything, but mostly their pain, which is hidden in their innermost conscience. They are ready to recognise all their sub-conscious behavioural patterns, which might have been a product of their negative behaviour, thinking or feeling in this or\and previous lives, or they had been “inherited” from their ancestors. Regardless of their origin, they are prepared to take responsibility for their lives and accept themselves as spiritual beings, whose Souls had decided on lessons to be learned in a given life prior to their reincarnation into the material world. And they understand these lessons as opportunities for spiritual growth and for the elevation of an individual level of consciousness.

Knowing ourselves, our purpose and meaning of our lives on Earth sets us free. We find it easier to accept everything that we face in life, even if it is unpleasant. We find it easier to accept people around us as they are without judging them. The feeling of “Gratitude”, which we carry within us, and the internal Peace are eternal. And we are capable of maintaining the feeling of Love for everyone and everything. We live in our own energy and we feel like we are in the right place at the right time. We are not fearful of the future, we trust life and its cycles. We can unconditionally accept, become aware of, and deal with whatever happens, pleasant or not,… transcend the lesson.


And who is our child? The child is unconditional Love, Happiness, our Sun, Moon and the Universe. (S)he is our mirror image, our Teacher. (S)he is Gratitude and God’s Gift.

A child is the greatest Blessing, that was given to us by the mother Nature. When a child enters into our Life, (s)he brings a higher Purpose, since a child’s soul chooses her/his parents. A soul usually chooses parents, who have similar behavioural patterns, or someone who the child had met in her/his previous lives, but they had a different role in her/his life at the time. The parents could be “strangers”, who will help the child solve her/his karma and help the child’s soul to grow.

Parents and children are each other’s Teachers and they represent each other’s sharpest mirror image. They show to each other who they really are. The question is whether they are able to recognise this.

We need to understand the difference between what is good and what is pleasant for us. We might have unpleasant and even painful experience with our parents. But there are no bad parents, there are only parents, who are suitable for us. Does this mean we as parents can produce unpleasant and painful experience for our children?

Not necessarily. We can be loving parents. Parents, who have the right attitude towards themselves, everyone and everything. Who aim at constant personal and spiritual growth. Who are not afraid of the Truth and are not covering their eyes and ears. Who wish to see and hear their children at all levels and are ready to follow them unconditionally. Who accept their children unconditionally as they are.

When parents are trying to deal with their destructive behavioural patterns, the child grows up with such patterns. When the parents change their internal inclination, their relation towards the outside world, then children inherit healthy and beautiful foundation for their future. And the children then continue living the lessons which help them to attain even higher level of consciousness. We can refer to this as responsible parenthood. Parents who are aware of their responsibilities and are willing to wholly accept them, are truly acting to achieve the highest benefit for themselves, their child and the Universe as a whole at the same time.


For Pre-School “Butterfly”: Maja Škvarč, the founder of Child’s FairyTale programme, www.childsfairytale.com

Translated by Vita Šebek

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